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Course NameDelivery MechanismCourse PriceCourse Duration (Days)
Environmental impact AssessmentClass Room$100.00
Spill Response TrainingClass Room$105.00
Environment AwarenessClass Room$110.00
Propane Gas in Catering EnvironmentClass Room$115.00
Carriage of Dangerous Goods by RoadClass Room$120.00
Propane Gas filling stationsClass Room$125.00
Domestic and compressed gas cylinders (Propane)Class Room$130.00
Work at HeightClass Room$135.00
H2S InductionClass Room$140.00
Back Injury Prevention TrainingClass Room$145.00
Permit to WorkClass Room$150.00
Noice / NuisanceClass Room$155.00
Mechanical LiftingClass Room$160.00
Hand Injury PreventionClass Room$165.00
Classes of Fires & ExtinguishersClass Room$170.00
Fire Safety IntroductionClass Room$175.00
Lockout / TagoutClass Room$180.00
Confined Space EntryClass Room$185.00
Emergency Response DrillClass Room$190.00
Electrical Safety & Electrostatic Discharge PrecautionsClass Room$195.00
Handling and Transporting Hazardous MaterialsClass Room$200.00
Dropped Objectives AwarenessClass Room$205.00
Bullying & Harassment TrainingClass Room$210.00
QHSE InductionClass Room$215.00
Hazard Identification & Risk ControlClass Room$220.00
Course NameDelivery MechanismCourse PriceCourse Duration (Days)

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